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Our Journey:

Today we opened the doors to Little Shop of Florals - Moscow, Idaho’s new flower shop. I can’t begin to tell you just how exciting this has been! It is a dream that was years in the making and after many late nights and countless hours of preparation the dream is finally a reality. January 1st – a new year, a new shop, and a new life. Its magical and surreal to stand here and see the vision made real.

On her computer, Heather has a little floral gift card from June 28th, 2014. It says, “Let’s stop buying flowers – and start selling them!” I wrote it on the card attached to a bouquet that I brought home for Heather one evening after we spent the afternoon on the phone talking about moving to Moscow to become florists. We had big dreams of being there for people’s special moments – gifts for baby showers, making corsages and boutonnieres for that first school dance, wedding bouquets and special arrangements for all the anniversaries that follow, and making sure that the decorations at final celebrations bring some cheer to families in mourning. We wanted to be the florist for a small town and share the life events of everyone around us.

At the time, Betty & Wayne from Scotts’ House of Flowers had been considering retiring and we wanted to see if we could make it work and take over the business after they left. We didn’t get it together at the time, and as you know life comes at you pretty fast. We found ourselves busy with moving and then with Home&Harvest and the floral dream had to patiently wait on the shelf.

The topic came up on and off over the next few years and we were always waiting for the perfect timing. Then last December we were having lunch downtown and Heather said she wanted to drop by Scotts and talk to them again about their plans. When we got there Betty told that after Christmas, Scott’s House of Flowers was closing. They were going to retire and close the shop. We were just as sad as they were- because unless we were able to buy it right then, they were going to have to move on. Still, we knew somehow it would all come together.

In April 2017 we made the decision to go for it. We updated our business plan, discussed when I would be leaving my job, and started looking for a location. By May we had a place picked out and by June walls were being torn down, ceilings removed, and layouts planned. The dream had been waiting for so long – and we had been anxiously waiting – but when it happened, it really happened fast.

Together we picked every detail, from the flooring and lights to the layout and coolers. It was like painting with construction equipment and creating our vision of a perfect flower shop on the blank canvas of an empty little retail space. We even built all the displays and work stations. In the end, there was just enough space left over to tuck in an office for Heather, so she can work on designing the magazine here at the shop.

As we got closer to the opening it all started to come together and the gutted space that had recently been stripped to the floorboards and rafters finally began to resemble a flower shop. It was exactly the shop we had been imagining, in fact it was even better.

Some come find us in downtown Moscow. On East 2nd St. between Main and Washington. We will be here ready to help with blooms for all of your meaningful occasions. We are excited, eager, and appreciative. We are ready to be a part of your life and share ours. We are Tony and Heather Niccoli, and we are overjoyed to invite you to the Little Shop of Florals.

Happy New Year

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